Dear Birthday Girl

Dear Cat,

A little surprise message for you – thought I’d see if this postman would do me a favour and take some post for me – Peter said he’s very reliable.

So today is your birthday, and we’ve had a pretty weird time of late. I wanted to just let you know a few things, as you’re hopping around islands in ‘the far east’…

Number 1: We’re all so proud of you, and miss you terribly. Looking at your pictures and hearing about your adventures is fascinating. None of us have the balls to just pack up and globe trot like you – you’re amazing.

Number 2: Though you’re far away and this week brought us all some very upsetting news, it’s important that you know when it was just me and Dad sitting together before he left us, I was telling him all about your adventures, and his eyes didn’t leave my gaze. He was enthralled, and I had an overwhelming feeling that the Dad we all knew and loved returned, just for a few minutes, to listen and say goodbye.

Number 3: You’re my favourite person in the whole world, no matter which continent you happen to be on. You show me what it is to be determined, fearless, optimistic, strong – all the while maintaining an undeniable enthusiasm for life, and an ability to explode glitter canons with just your mind.

Number 4: I wish you were here very much, so we could celebrate the simple fact that you’re alive and not an imaginary friend like I used to genuinely worry you were. However, I’m glad you’ve spent your birthday in paradise land with Rimi, going on boats and looking at dinosaurs.

Number 5: People say things to me like ‘if I had a sister, I’d want her to be like Catrin’ and ‘you two have such an incredible bond’, and I totally agree. Everybody should have a Catrin, but I’m the lucky one who does. Worth noting that people also say things like ‘you two are terrifying’ and ‘what on Earth are you wearing?’ but that last one usually applies to you more than me.

Basically, in the words of Stevie Wonder, I just called to say ‘I love you’ and to wish you the most wonderful, bright, sticky-fingered, sunshiney birthday that the world can possibly muster. I know that Dad will be holding your hand every step.

Happy birthday to you, my brilliant sister. Love you always.

Zoë xxx


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