4th March 2017


Detail is something I can relate to. Intricate mosaics of history, I’m all over that. My history. Year 9, lent back on the chair, broke wind, said excuse me miss. Took a month to live that down. Still, carry that cross. What an elephant.

This lad, long hair, beads, sandles, etc. In your mind, he is basically the brand, full brand and no holes barrrrrrrrrrrrred. Both taps open full bore. Assaulting you with visuals that invigorate your being.

Hmmm what a bend, that person, that being with such an outlook on life, such an impact, and it’s not me. Waste of time mate.

This brand of culture is rubbing off on you. Like a pluff sponge, you will absorb all of this without judgment. I would strip it down to the bones so I and others around cannot enjoy it.

My NCT besties are in full WhatsApp flow, breach, c section and others. A week to go. Still unchanged on feelings but a sense of awareness is heightened. A trip to ping pong is probably out of the question.

This little shadow I lead around is a worry. You and most people around me are positive sponges. He will be a sponge and I will undoubtedly be a source of moisture.

This jade ornament sounds as sharp as fuck, I’m unsure it’s going to be safe for children.

Entering the danger zone as of now,
Many loves
Peter James Edward Gray


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