Lucky or not? You decide.

4th March 2017

Dear Peter,

Remember that time I moved to London. My second day in the big city and I was burgled. A lifetime of jewellery treasures snatched from my bedside and a cruel life lesson. Cities eh?!

It makes me cringe that I have to write and tell you this but your words of “Be careful”, “Watch out for the pickpockets”, “There will be trouble” are coming back to haunt me.

Of course, I was careful.

In a heaving crowd full of raving revellers and Brand wannabes, as much as you can look out for pickpockets, they don’t tend to wear a certain uniform or badge that screams “AVOID ME AT ALL COSTS!”. Quite the opposite. It’s the Bangkok Baptism of fire I guess.


I fell prey to them. I’m currently stood on Khaosan Road watching a rat run away with the remnants of last nights litter in the same way someone’s run off with my wallet, my bank card and my passport.

You’re thinking “I told you so”, as I think “Oh Shit!! 48 hours into four months of travel and I’ve got no bloody passport. How the hell is this going to work?”.

Well, it would seem I have something, some higher being who’s well aware of what happens to virgin visitors to this crazy town.

My perpetual optimism was beginning to falter, but I went to the Police-station to see if they’d be able to help me in some seemingly impossible way. I was greeted by a smile, like they knew me, like they were expecting me. “That’s odd.” I thought.

Can you imagine my sheer delight when I clocked that sat upon his desk my Kath Kidson Travel Wallet? “This cannot be happening!”. The Police officer handed me my wallet and said he’d spotted it on the street. His English wasn’t so great, the cash and bank card were gone, but there, sat between two sides of blue spotted fabric was my passport and a whole tonne of “THANK GOD!” feelings.

I’m pretty sure the chances of me finding the right police station is about a million to one and although I know you’ll think this is the worst thing ever and that it seems I have insurmountable odds against me, but still good luck was there.

No tears, no tantrums. Optimism fully reloaded.

Leaving danger zone tomorrow with a new friend in tow. Her name is Elle. We’ll be in paradise by 5pm.

Much love,

Cat x






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