Today I Fell in Love.

3rd March 2017

Dear Peter,

Today I fell in love. I walked a room and there he sat. So still, beautiful and calm and as I gazed upon him I felt an overwhelming sense of love oozing from my heart and flooding through my body. He was so beautiful Peter, I could feel my heart growing bigger by the second.

I know what you’re thinking, “Who is it this time? She’s fallen in love with the first long-haired Mr Wanderlust she could find and she’s doing what she always does… ” but that’s not the case.

Not yet anyway.

Today I went to visit the Grand Palace. It was 36 degrees. I walked from my Hostel on Samsanrat Rd for about 30 minutes. I was a hot mess by the time I arrived, pink-faced and dripping. The guard stopped me. I’d not given any thought to the dress code.

Green dress was a no-no, leggings were a no-no, shawl was a no-no, only sleeves will do. Third time lucky, I got in wearing many more layers than ideal on such a hot day. You remember that scene in Friends where Joey comes back wearing all the clothes? Imagine that but in a Sauna.

The Grand Palace is incredible. The Royal family lived here up until 1925 and my goodness did they have snazz-tastic taste in home decor. You should check it out, might give you some ideas for your home improvement projects.


Every single surface is covered with the most intricate mosaics, sculptures and statues ranging from the richest golds, gleaming red, blue and green roof tiles right through to some rather adorable grey stone gargoyles. It’s insane.

One structure looks like a 10,000-ton gold raindrop that’s fallen from the sky and sat next to it there is a structure that’s covered in patterned tiles. The tiles are made from broken rice bowls that have all been smashed and then made into the most perfect mosaics you can imagine. You wouldn’t think it, Ainsley’s microwave packets and Muller’s creamy offerings don’t really do it justice, but rice is sacred here. It breathes and has a life and a soul. It’s even got Goddess Phosop looking after it. It’s fed them since forever right so you can understand why Thai’s consider it their mother and why rice bowls are very sacred in their own special way. Maybe you could try some Asian fusion decor in the house, dinner plate mosaic would be delightful.

In the centre of the courtyard is the main temple. I took off my shoes and joined the line to enter. It was this moment, as I walked through the door that it struck me. Love. I didn’t expect it, to feel such a strong wave of warmth run right through me, but it did.

The Emerald Buddha sat surrounded by fantastic treasures and as I stared at him I fell head over heels. I felt happiness deep down in my tummy. I sat down, shut my eyes and prayed. I thought about all the things I am thankful for and everything I have yet to come that makes life so magic. I opened my eyes and two tears silently fell down my cheeks as my heart expanded to the full breadth of my chest.

It was such a beautiful moment. I know most likely I’ll never see him again but I’ll try my best to carry that feeling with me for as long as possible. I wish you could have been there.

17101541_10154778659886321_399675178_o.jpgI’d love to see if you felt that same feeling as me but it’s a long way to come with a baby on the way so soon.

So, just so you don’t feel like you’re missing out I’ve bought you the next best thing. It’s not made of Jade like the Emerald Buddha, that’d be way out of my price range, but I hope it will make a nice addition to your spare room which sounds a bit empty.

I’m writing this as I watch them load it up onto the van and fingers crossed it will reach you in around 3 weeks.

The same time as your other special new-born baby delivery will arrive!

Sending love to you,

Cat x



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